Sunday, August 15, 2010


I recently volunteered to be an area group leader for the mothers' group that has been our lifeline here ever since we found them. I really hadn't planned on doing that, but they asked and I have the time and all the moms there have been so great to me and Moose that I felt like I needed to give a little back to the community. Y'all know I'm a huge sucka for community service anyhow.

Part of what I had to do to get started with my new volunteer position was write up a small bio on myself to be posted on the group's "Staff" page. I've never written out my own story before. I write out small parts of my story all the time here on my blog but I've never written out all of my own story before, or had to figure out how to condense a lifetime into two small paragraphs. I ended up writing about my family, my passions and my plans for my future. I left out a lot of my past simply because there wasn't room and it wasn't exactly relevant to the purpose of what I was writing. But I got to sit and give it some thought, and write my story.

And then after I clicked "send", I thought about how cool it is that each of us get to write our own story every single day. That thought is so inspiring and liberating to me. Every day, I get to choose my own adventure, like those books I read in grade school. Every day, I get to write and tell my own story, and so do you! It gave me pause to consider...what story am I writing, for my husband, for my son, for even my pets? For my friends, for my brothers, for everyone I love? Our "happily ever afters" are all a daily work in process, as we cultivate love, friendship, intimacy, passion and compassion in our lives. To me, it was a refreshing and encouraging challenge to think about the story I'm writing with my life. There's not one part of my story that I would go back and erase if I had the opportunity. And for that I say thank you to all my friends and family and people I love who have been a part of my story. It's all a part of who I am today, and I really dig that chick.

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