Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dinner and a show

So, most of my friends know Mister. Mister is a very kind, generous, gentle, brilliant person. Sometimes he's so brainy he fails to be smart.

Tonight was our night at the homeless shelter and Mister came home from work early to make sure we could make it there on time. Mister also had a job interview today with a recruiter (who blew him off - why are people so flaky?). So he had dressed up in nice slacks and dress shoes and asked me to please bring him jeans and his tennies. No problem.

So my brother helped pack up the car with Moose, all the food donations from us and our friends, Tim's clothes, snacks for Moose, etc. We picked Mister up at the train station and headed towards the church where we host the shelter. After unloading all the food donations, Mister headed back to the car to get his clothes. Thinking he was alone, he decided to just change beside the Jeep in the church parking lot. So he steps out of his dress slacks, bends into the Jeep to grab his jeans, looks up only to see a NUN watching him change while "reading" her Bible in her car. Apparently she put on her glasses to watch the show!

That's right, folks. Mister is now so desperate for a new job that he's stripping for nuns in the church parking lot. *sigh* Shake what your mama gave ya, I guess. ;)

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