Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Reflections on an election


That was an amazing thing to witness.

For my family, the journey towards our vote on November 4th started in early 2007. As I carefully waded through the policies of all the potential candidates, I found myself coming back again and again to this Obama guy. He was different. He was young and energetic. His public speaking was electrifying. His policies were solid. As I searched more and more, I grew more and more disenchanted with the current political climate and hungered for something more. Something different. I opened my mind to options beyond my historically regular straight Republican ticket voting and saw something pretty on the other side. The day I stumbled across the Republicans for Obama organization, it was all over. I signed up, and have been working as the volunteer leader for my state's RFO chapter ever since. My vote had found a home.

Here's the thing, kids - at the top of my list of Things I Value As An American is one simple, two syllable word: "freedom". As an American, I am free to own as many Bibles or religious materials as I want. I am free to talk about my faith openly. I am free to worship as I wish, pray to who I want to, and financially support the church of my choosing. I know that if I hope to keep these lovely freedoms that I've known all my life, I must also protect the freedoms of others. And they may be freedoms I don't agree with.

So, why did I vote for Obama? How could I have been so duped? Well...

I want a drastic change from our current leadership.
I do not trust an adulterer and his corrupt, drug addict wife.
The thought of a Palin presidency makes me pee myself like a nervous chihuahua. She's not ready.
I do not want a 100 year war. I want Jessica Smith (and thousands of babies just like her) to spend her first year growing securely attached to both of her parents - not just her mama, because daddy's been stop-gapped.
Our education system needs revision and our communities need renewal. Obama's plan of meshing the two together makes sense to me. Let kids work to make their world a better place and we'll provide them the education to advance their ideas.
Our families need support.
Our businesses need support. Companies cannot be encouraged to send more jobs offshore. We need that "Made in the USA" pride back.
We need jobs created.
We need energy independence for survival. We need investment in on-shore emerging technologies.
We need international diplomacy by a level-headed leader.
We need social security reform and protection.
We need to support the infirm and aging.
We need to honor and care for our veterans.
We need to protect all of our freedom for everybody.
We need equality for all.

In the end, I want what all people want. I want what all parents want, too...a better life for their children. When I would get tired of making calls or canvassing door to door, I would look down at my sweet little boy and see the hope and innocence in his eyes. He doesn't know how bad it is. But he trusts me to make it better. So I'd make one more round of calls, or give one more interview representing Republicans for Obama, or knock on one more block of homes. This kid is counting on me.

Last night, as I tucked him into bed I kissed him on the forehead and whispered, "We did it, my Moose. We did it, and I did it all for you." I pray he will somehow remember last night. History was made. The political climate was changed. Millions of people stood in line to make their voice heard. Millions of people believe that we can repair where our country is broken. Millions of people have been roused from their laziness and worked to inaugurate a revolution of positive change.

The deep rooted cancer in American society cannot and will not be changed by our nation's next President. Or the next one or the next one or the next one. God's people need to wake up, put their shoes on, and take the love of God to those who need it. While I'm excited about the remarkable victory of my candidate, I know that President-elect Obama is no Savior. He can only do so much. But what he's done in this election has been heartening. People have been encouraged and mobilized to work and reach out and spread the word and hope and wait and expect change to come. Hopefully some of that positive momentum will be infused into our churches and homes, and we can get out there and continue to impact the world.

As Americans, we are free to dream as big as we want to dream and work as hard as we possibly can and we can wholly expect that our dreams and hard work will be honored and rewarded. As Christians, we know that the only true Savior of the world has been here once, and He will return again. While we wait it is our duty to work hard, love others, and share God's truths. We know that only God has the power to change the world. This election is a place for us to launch from. Let's leave the "king's heart in the hand of the Lord" and get busy with what we can do to make our world a better place. We don't have any room and we don't have any time for bitterness or anger here. The election is over, God has spoken. This is where all Christians need to get on board...for with God, all things are possible.


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