Thursday, October 9, 2008

Where'd my baby go?

I woke Jackson up this morning, and he lazily rolled onto his back and stretched like a lazy cat snoozing on a warm, sunny windowsill. As his pajama shirt crept up his tummy, I noticed something...different. Baby pudge is melting away. His round little tummy is becoming long and lean. There is nothing about him that is a "baby" anymore. He is 100% "boy". He loves playing with cars and watching bugs scoot across the pavement. He's so independent and strong. He's talking more each day. We don't understand a lot of what he says but he sure does have a lot to say.

We drove Daddy to the train station and as Jackson gave Tim a hug and a kiss goodbye he said, "Ah da doo" which, translated is "I love you". He melts my heart, this boy.

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