Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Sad Day

We are officially a single car family now. Today a very nice boy named Alex came by, looked at The Olive, took her for a spin around the block, and gave me money. I signed a piece of paper, handed over the keys and that was that.

She's gone.

She was the very last thing that I owned that was all mine. She was the very first car I ever had that I bought all by myself. And as I stood and watched my youth, my independence, je ne sais quoi drive away, tears welled up in my eyes as that last bit of "me" drove off down the block.

I know I'm still me. I'm just me in a much bigger car that is far less fun to drive. Ah, The Olive. That car was good to me. I will miss her.

The Olive
1998 - 2008

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