Sunday, June 8, 2008

He puts the "dear" in DH

My husband is an all around swell guy. He's very patient, very gentle and very kind. Every once in awhile, he will use his technological savvy to do something nice for me. When we were first dating, he made me a custom ringtone and put it on my phone (it was Christopher Walken from SNL, saying the infamous line: "I got a fever! And the only prescription is...more cowbell!". Last year, he set up the entertainment center as my oversize workstation. Sometimes, he embarks on long road trips just to get me a chili cheese dog. This weekend, he made me another custom ringtone, and it's awesome.

I'm in love with those White Castle commercials, where people are distracted beyond belief by a sandwich calling them. In one, Death backs down from taking his next victim when a cheeseburger calls him and pulls him away from his work. The best part is, when the cheeseburger calls it doesn't say words. It plays this sexy siren song of fast food pleasure that cannot be denied. In one spot, a chicken sandwich calls a guy who is working on putting together a store display. He says, "if I leave, I'll get fired". The chicken seduces him with its sensual pleasures; playing only the song which beckons him with a force no mere mortal can resist. He drops the phone and departs the store. These commercials totally crack me up. And the song is rad. I wanted it for my ringer.

Through some form of computer wizardry, Hubby captured the song and made it an mp3 for me and now when you call me, my phone plays the Crave is Calling song. It's such a silly little thing, but it was so thoughtful and unusual that it made me really happy.

And yes, when my phone rings it makes me want cheeseburgers!

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