Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Special Edition - Love Tuesday!

Today, I love this so much I can't wait until Thursday to tell ya about it!

Behold, the chic and classic case of the Chanel lipstick, but in an ultra moisturizing, incredibly pigmented version that is so fantastical I think I might marry it...it is the Rouge Coco:
Oooh. Pretty.

And what color do you want? You want Mademoiselle. It's this gorgeous, tawny rose that will look good on you. How do I know it will look good on you? Well, do you have lips? Yes? Then it will look good on you. A universally flattering perfect lipstick like this only comes along every 10 years or so...I kid you not. Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle is selling out, like, everywhere. So get out there and getcha one. This lipstick made me die of happies today. Seriously, you MUST have this. Don't make me tell you twice.

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