Friday, February 20, 2009

Give 'em a boost!

We love our cloth diapers, but most of what we have Moose has outgrown and I need to sell them off to upsize (if I can find diapers big enough for this giant child) and a little over a month ago there was a killer deal on Pampers that I just couldn't resist (they were paying me to take them out of the store!). I stocked up.

Moose still night (bottle) nurses, and as a result he has some giant overnight pees. I am loathe to wake everyone up, turn on the lights, and change him in the night but I didn't have a lot of choice if I didn't want to wake up in a sloppy, soaked bed. He even outpees a Huggies Overnight diaper. Overnight urination is his super power. If scientists find that the answer to global warming is large puddles of piss, my son can cure climate change in one night. Fo reals, yo.

Enter diaper doublers. These were a wonderful little invention. They were like sanitary napkins, the old school kind that your grandmother wore with a special little belt to keep it in place. But instead of using a belt, you just lay them inside of the diaper and two or three of them were enough to boost the absorbency just enough to get us through a long car ride or overnight.

They were wonderful. Until the Tyco corporation disassembled the equipment that makes Diaper Doublers.

I then started using a gDiaper insert, rolled into quarters, stuffed into the front of my son's diaper and then putting a second diaper on top of that. (When the diapers are free, who cares if you use two at a time?) That was unreliable, sometimes that leaked too. It was also pretty expensive. gDiaper refills aren't cheap!

And then....a stroke of genius hit in the hygiene aisle. I perused the Depends and Poise pads, wondering if they would work as a diaper doubler even though they have a plastic, waterproof bottom. I was seriously considering getting an Xacto knife and surgically removing the plastic waterproof layer to see if that would work, and wondering if that would make all the SAP jelly end up all over my son's huevos. And all of a sudden, there was a bright bolt of lightning, a clap of thunder, and the heavens open with a glorious golden light, the angels sang and I saw this: Depend Boost. WHAT????

Perhaps mothers everywhere have known about these booster pads forever, and if they have I am seriously going to rough up all of my Mama friends for not telling me about them! These things are a godsend! Just one in a regular diaper gives amazing absorbency. They're made for adult sized bladders so they soak up a ton! They are the size of a large maxi-pad, but without wings. They kind of flare out at the ends in an hourglass shape. They are designed to go into an adult undergarment to boost the absorbency, so there is no plastic underlayer to block wetness from flowing through to a layer underneath. There is also a sticky little peel off strip to keep it in place, a vast improvement over the shifty little diaper doublers I used to use. I can see these fitting into diapers size 3 and up.

I picked up a pack of 20 of them for about $5. I will be repurchasing these little wonders. I know they have super absorbent polymers in them, and I'm sure they're bleached with chlorine. But you know what? Washing the bedding every freaking morning sucks. The ozone layer is just going to have to take one for the team here.

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