Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm Bringing Casseroles Back

Back in the day, like when my mom was my age, the "normal" thing to do for people when they had a major life event or illness was to bring them a dinner. Barely anybody does this anymore. Why? Have we, as a society, become so isolated and selfish that we don't consider the basic human needs of our neighbors, our friends, or that weird cat lady at the end of the block?

When we lived in our apartment in Schaumburg, our neighbors called me Bree VanDeKamp. Whenever someone new moved in, I brought over freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and a quart of milk. More times than not, the cookies were Nestle Toll House scoop & bakes but they didn't know! I got to know their names, their roommates or spouses' names, where they were from, and if they were sketchy or not. Those little cookies were like seeds in sowing a friendship. We talked to each other in the halls, kept an eye on each other's places and cars, and when we moved out they were actually sad to see us go. Why is that so "weird" nowadays that there was namecalling involved?

I don't think the isolation attitude is right, so I'm doing something about it. I'm fairly dangerous in the kitchen, so I've decided that from now on my personal ministry is going to be bringing people in need a dinner. I feel that God has given me the gift of being a good cook and baker, and it's my responsibility to use my gifts to glorify Him. So that's how I'm going to "be Jesus" to people. Jesus fed people (see: loaves and fishes). Jesus commanded us to "feed his sheep" and who am I to not take that literally?

So if you're sick, have a baby, have surgery, blow out your MCL, lose a loved one (regardless of number of legs, four legged loved ones are just as painful to lose as two legged ones), or are just having a crappy week...I'll probably ask you when I can bring dinner by.

My ministry is delicious. I'm so excited to have discovered a new way to let God continue to make me awesome.


Coupon Chris said...

Who do I have to kill off to get some chili? ;)

All kidding aside, I think this is a wonderful idea. You are amazing in the kitchen, what a great use of your gifts.

Elizabeth said...

I love doing this too! I love to cook/bake so're freaking me out!

The Mama said...

Good for you!!! I like bringing people meals too. Casseroles rock!!